Our Story

UpRise Nashville exists to alleviate relational, economic and spiritual poverty through education and the power of relationship. Through intentional engagement, we help our Leaders begin to reach their God-given potential.

Inspired by the way the early church cared for the poor in Acts 4, West End Community Church united with private and corporate donors to help our Nashville neighbors in need. Instead of asking how to help people in poverty, we asked a different question: “How do we help people in our community get out of poverty?”

UpRise Nashville is the answer to that question.

Our students, aptly called Leaders, engage in a six-week training camp focusing on soft skills, computer literacy, effective communication, life skills, overcoming individualized barriers, and more. Leaders are met with coaching and career assessment to choose one of ten funded continued short-term education paths. Tracks include Certified Medical Assistant, Information Technology, Medical Billing and Coding, CDL: Commercial Driver’s License, Electrical Apprenticeships, and more. Once Leaders graduate with their certification, UpRise helps place them into a job that earns $14 or more with upward mobility.

A cornerstone of our program is sustained, meaningful relationships that help student Leaders thrive in their communities, and better support their families. Ongoing relational touch points include bi-weekly Family Dinners, coaching sessions, supportive Ally relationships, and more. UpRise also employs a staff counselor who is available for Leaders and their families.