Kambi Armstrong


Certified Medical Assistant, Edu Med

“UpRise has given sanity and family support to my chaos. I am a calmer person now without all the anxieties I had before. I am a better person and more well rounded because of this program. The most valuable thing I’ve received is the support. That is what helped me complete my education.”


Thomasina Christian

Logistics, Nashville State

"For me, UpRise is an emotional safe place, no-judgment zone where everyone is connected and you can learn together."

ShehabE copy.jpg

Shehab Ebrahim

Certified Nursing Assistant, NATS

“UpRise was my first motivation to improve my communication and technological skills after immigrating to the United States. I gained experience from the team and my classmates, which helped me find a wonderful job!

NashaunaE copy.jpg

Nashauna Ellison

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, New Horizons

“One of my greatest takeaways from UpRise is the gift of self-awareness. I learned a lot about myself, including how to better face my fears. I know I will make mistakes, but it is through that process that I will learn and grow.”


Ramy Ibrahim

Information Technology, LabFour

“I don’t have a lot of family here in the United States, but UpRise has become like a big family to me.”



Randa Ibrahim

Certified Medical Assistant, EduMed

“It’s my future and has made my dreams happen; that is UpRise for me. It wasn’t clear when I came the first day, but now, at the end, I am able to see it. UpRise is my people; it is my family.”



Deanna Mitchell

Medical Billing and Coding, New Horizons

“UpRise entered my life at the PERFECT TIME. I was originally not totally sold on coming to the program due to personal circumstances. Thankfully, I had a change of heart and started Training Camp. Those were the best six weeks of my life. From that point on, I was born into a beautiful butterfly and I owe it all to God and my family at UpRise! I learned a lot about myself during the program. Because of this, I am forever grateful!”


Iesha Murphy

Certified Medical Assistant, EduMed

"UpRise made me feel like my opinion matters. A wrong answer was never a wrong answer. I've learned to open my eyes and understand that I'm not the only one going through a struggle. My most valuable takeaway is the friendships I have gained."



Nicole Noe

Phlebotomy, TCAT

“UpRise has been like a whole new family for me and has gifted me with lifelong friends. I found an atmosphere in which I could be myself, but also train myself to be ready for hard work, failure and triumph. Without UpRise, I don’t know where I would be right now. I am grateful and ready to build on the foundation that UpRise has given me. Thank you so much – I love you all!”


Ramy Samour

CDL, United Truck Driving School

“The real meaning of UpRise is family. It is a family that works together to help other members of the family be better and improve their skills. The family dinners help build relationships between the Leaders and their allies and the staff to provide a good foundation for change and a better life.”


Bianca Tarantola

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant and Office Administrative, New Horizons

“Because my peers were awesome and supportive, I felt comfortable and open enough to cry on my hard days, sharing my past and current struggles. Because everyone in class shared their stories, I gained strength in sharing mine. I am excited about what my future holds!”

Amy Thomas3.jpg

Amy Thomas

Certified Medical Assistant, EduMed

“With UpRise, I was given the opportunity to go back to school and become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, which opened a plethora of job opportunities for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and camaraderie with my classmates and the UpRise staff. Grad 1.0!”


Diamond Williams

Certified Medical Assistant, EduMed

“UpRise has helped me learn how to open up and just be myself. I believe that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and I have a new determination to forge ahead and never give up.”


LaShonda Wright

Certified Medical Assistant, EduMed

“When I first came to UpRise, I was very quiet and reserved. Being older and more mature, I was also set in my ways, and I did not want to talk to new people or share my story. My pride was high and my shell was hard to break. At UpRise, I began to learn how to trust and open up to others more. I am grateful to my fellow Leaders, my ally Mindy, and the Staff, for this experience and for my education!”