Moving to Nashville for a new start, Dominique lived in a homeless shelter with her two children. She had no childcare and no transportation. Finding a job required new skills and new connections. Today, Dominique is a team leader for a medical company. She lives in a three-bedroom apartment and drives her children to school each day, where they are thriving.  

How is this possible?

At UpRise Nashville, we are on a mission to alleviate poverty, one person at a time. By combining training in highly sought-after skills with a holistic and compassionate focus on leadership and personal development, we empower each student to chart a path to financial self-sufficiency and upward mobility in a career.  

The need is critical.

Nashville has the lowest minimum wage in the nation coupled with one of the highest cost of living increases in the nation. Despite low unemployment, one in six Nashville families still live in poverty. 

For Dominique and her family, UpRise was a fresh start and a new beginning. Learn how we serve individuals like Dominique and ways you can help change a life.